Your Route. Your Pace. Your Moscow.

There is a huge difference between visiting a city and seeing it. Rushing through landmarks in a hurry, trying to shoot sights and listen to the guide simultaneously – that is not how Moscow should be seen. Believe us, you want other Moscow. You want other emotions.


You want leisure walks on Red Square and in the Kremlin. You want to learn dark secrets of KGB and experience thrilling sensation visiting its headquarters. To feel the magnificence and dignity of the once destroyed and later resurrected Cathedral of Christ the Savior. You definitely want to have your jaw dropped while you look at dizzying wealths of the Diamond Fund.


We don’t have boilerplate routes and template excursions. Our tours are individual. Not only because we invite small family or friend groups, but also because we show you what’s interesting to you. We want you to enjoy Moscow from the very moment of arrival to the moment you leave it staggered, happy and willing to return by all means.


That’s why we offer full tourist care starting from transfer and accommodation to 24/7 support via phone, Viber or Whatsapp. Got lost? Fill puzzled what locals mean? Stuck in the middle of nowhere and the metro is closed? We are here to help!


Discover true Moscow. Book your tour now!