Bus Tour to Sergiyev Posad

Visit the place where the famous Russian Matryoshka was born

Sergiyev Posad is known mostly as a city that grew around one of the greatest monasteries in Russia – the Trinity Lavra established by St. Sergius of Radonezh. The Trinity Lavra isn’t the largest monastery in Russia, nor is it the most luxurious. However, the Lavra is a spiritual heart of Russia, the center of Russian Orthodox Church and one of the most popular pilgrimage sites. Why is that? Our guides will gladly tell how the small wooden church built in 14th century by just one man managed to become such an iconic place in all Russian culture.


Aside from its religious and cultural value, Sergiyev Posad is also the home of Russian Matryoshka you have surely heard so much about. The very first matryoshka doll is exhibited in the Toy Museum in Sergiyev Posad along with hundreds of other toys from all over the world.


We have so much to tell you about this miraculous city, but you better see everything yourself. See the exalted Trinity Lavra and its picturesque surroundings. Admire sublime churches and cathedrals of the Lavra. Enjoy the Sergiyev Posad State History and Art Museum-Preserve featuring a lot of masterpieces of Monastery Sacristy. Taste delicious monastery kvas and bakery.


We travel the way to Sergiyev Posad in a comfortable bus. In just two hours or so we arrive to the city. For smaller companies or individuals we can also offer a car – from luxury executive models to spacious mini vans.


Sergiyev Posad is a gem in the Golden Ring of Moscow. Visiting Moscow and missing Sergiyev Posad is like visiting London and missing Westminster. 







Price: 27000 Rub/455 USD (up to 6 people)


Duration: 7-8 hours 

Includes a car (minivan) with a driver and your personal tour guide