Full Kremlin Tour

The Kremlin is probably one of the most guarded territories in Russia. Why? You will learn this during your 4-hour tour in the Kremlin.


Skip the line completely and enter the Kremlin. Find out how Tzars and Soviet leaders entered the Kremlin and why Vladimir Putin changed the tradition. Inside, we visit the glorious Cathedral of Assumption, Cathedral of Annunciation and Cathedral of Archangel representing the core of Russian religious tradition.


Unlike the Tzar Cannon that never fired and the Tzar Bell that never ringed, most of the showpieces  in the famous Armory were in actual use. You will admire weapon masterpieces from Europe, Asia and Russia. You will be delighted by luxury of Russian gold and silverware. And the stunning excellence of superb and precise jewelry including famous Faberge eggs will leave you overwhelmed and ready for the final, the most devastating part of the excursion.


The pinnacle of Armory treasures is the Diamond Fund. The truly unique collection of jewelry, nuggets and gems is simply indescribable, no less. Here you will stare at Orlov Diamond, a completely transparent 190-carat gemstone and will learn why it is named after one of Catherine the Great’s lovers. You’ll see the Great Imperial Crown encrusted with 4936 precious stones and will wonder how Russian monarchs were supposed to wear it. While dozens of priceless pendants, diadems, brooches and other bedazzling jewelry will sate your hunger for diamonds for a long, long time.


We are sure, you will find these 4 hours the shortest in your lifetime. And thanks to our friendly guides, you will possess not only positive emotions and brightest impressions from visiting the Kremlin, but also a plethora of historical, political, cultural and sometimes anecdotal information.



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 Includes skip of the line tickets to the Kremlin Cathedrals, The Armoury, the Diamond Fund and a guide