Grand Kremlin Palace

It is big. It is stupendous. It is beautiful. And it is almost impossible to get there. Grand Kremlin Palace. Normally, tourists must arrange a visit here well ahead of time. Individuals and small groups are not allowed without a special approval by the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation. And the tour is costly too.


But what you will see inside is well worth the spending. Five grandiose reception halls where the highest diplomatic meetings are held up to now. The famous Palace of Facets, an architecture masterpiece and the oldest preserved secular building in Moscow. Luxurious pillars, picturesque frescos and gorgeous gilding cover walls and archs of the Palace.


Palace of Facets is truly unique and breathtaking, but its story is no less captivating. The guide will tell you how the Palace was built, why it was nearly destroyed, who saved it, and why Peter the Great ordered to demolish frescos and paint the walls in white.


Last, but not least – you don’t have to stay in the line or wait for arrangement to visit Grand Kremlin Palace. We settle all formalities for you. Simply walk in, watch and enjoy what you see.




The price is 85000 Rub/1435 USD/ 1355 EUR per person