Helicopter Tours

If you itch to feel like an Emirates multimillionaire (or if you are the one), a typical Moscow tour is not for you. You want more, and we give you more. Board the modern helicopter, put on your headphones and see Moscow like Vladimir Putin sees it!


  • Best sights near Moscow. Many locals believe there are at least as many interesting places around Moscow as in the city itself. Whether it is truth or not, you now have a chance to decide for yourself. Our helicopter will fly over New Jerusalem Monastery, Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, the mansion of the Count Sheremetev and a number of other great historical and cultural places including the house of Natalya Goncharova, the wife of the legendary Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.


During our heli-tours you are accompanied by the guide who will gladly comment on every place of interest you will fly by. Believe us, seeing Moscow down from skies is a whole different experience. And you definitely should try it out if you want to rightfully say “I have been to Moscow”!




Price:  from 40 000Rub

(individual or group up to 3 people)


  • Fly over New Jerusalem Convent

 This is one of the most popular and the most picturesque flights in Moscow. New Jerusalem Convent is located near ancient town Istra. This Convent is equally beautiful both in the summer and in the winter. You will also fly over ancient village, called "Pavlovskaya Sloboda" as well as Annunciation Cathedral, which was built around 350 years ago, you will see a town near Moscow, called Krasnogorsk, golf club, called Nakhabino and beautiful nature in Moscow region

Price: from 34 000

(individual or group up to 3 people)