Helicopter Tours to Sergiyev Posad

Look at Russian Orthodox Church from unusual perspective

Sergiyev Posad is an ancient city built around the monastery – the legendary Trinity Lavra established by venerable Sergius of Radonezh. This saint is worshipped as a spiritual leader of Russia and one of the greatest reformers of Russian Orthodox Church.


During this intensive heli tour you will see ancient buildings of Sergiyev Posad, the Trinity Lavra complex including the Trinity Cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral, the Church of Venerable Nikon of Radonezh, Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist and a lot of other picturesque buildings. From skies, the entire complex looks magnificent and at the same time modest and stately.


And the surrounding landscapes do hold the candle to the ensemble. Breathtaking flybys over Sergiyev Posad will leave you speechless, while the guide generously shares their knowledge about this religious icon of Russia with you. It is amazing how seemingly short 40 minutes can entirely change the point of view of a man, but that’s what you can count on when booking this tour.






Price: 55000 Rub(up to 3 people)


Duration: 1 hour