Moscow Hightlights

Nobody can see Moscow in one day. But with our Moscow Highlights tour you will see the heart of it. Experience the most famous landmarks of Moscow and discover common and little known facts about them.


You start at Red Square and learn what’s common between Lenin’s Mausoleum and Mesopotamian Ziggurats and why communism has nothing to do with the name of the square. Watch the great views of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, feel the ancient pavement under your feet, breath the air of Great Victory near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, then take a rest in one of the most beautiful parks of Moscow, the Alexander Garden.


red square


Are you in the mood to visit the largest mall of the Soviet Union? GUM is right here waiting. And if you are not into shopping, then head to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Just a few blocks from the Kremlin, this church instantly astonishes with its breath-taking grandeur. And so does its sad yet glorious story our guide will tell you.


christ the saviour

Following the spectacular views of Moskva River, engaged in a friendly conversation with your guide, you then continue your journey in New Maiden's Monastery, In 2004, it was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will enjoy seeing this beautiful fortress as well as hearing about the fascinating story of this place. Our trip ends on Sparrow Hills where you can embrace the whole route you have made and enjoy fascinating panoramic views.


vorobyovi gory

This will be a very intensive day, but you will enjoy it a lot, just like anyone else who visit Moscow! Your exact route may be different – it’s you who decide what you want to see, not the tour schedule. What stays the same is your total satisfaction and willingness to continue even though your legs beg for mercy.

 Let's summarise, during this tour you will see:

  • Red Square (GUM, Lenin's Mausoleum)
  • St. Basil's Cathdral (inside)
  • Alexander Garden (Eternal Flame, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Changing of guards)
  • Christ the Saviour Cathdral
  • New Maiden's Monatery 
  • Sparrow Hills
  • Stalin's Skyscrapers


Price: from 150 USD

If you wish to change the program or use other types of car, please contact us

Duration: 6-7 hours