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Meet nice people who love Moscow and make you love it too

If cities can be fallen in love to, the one we are is Moscow for sure. We are totally in love with it! And we sincerely want to share our love with you. That’s why we are so serious about hiring only the most positive, humorous and smiling guides we can find.


Surely, they are also professionals who studied Moscow and know the city very well. We are strongly against hiring amateurs. But you know what? This is not what is really important. When you visit a city, a large part of your impressions is induced by your guide. It is the guide’s ‘radiation’ that can turn you stunned and happy and half way to falling in love with the city. But the same ‘radiation’, if it is bad, can ruin your enjoyment of the city completely.


We believe Moscow deserves guides who ‘radiate’ good emotions only. And you deserve such guides too. That is why all our guides are friendly and devoted. That is why we do not force you to follow any predetermined routes.



Meet Angela 


Hello, my name is Angela, I'm co founder of the company. Everything began pretty simple – we traveled a lot throughout the world, met a lot of interesting people, communicated, shared ideas, experience, cultural values and once we understood that people in the world know what Moscow is but they don't know it the way we do – open, hospitable, with great history and modern Moscow – which is changing at a fast speed. So we decided to open it to you – our adorable Moscow, our Russia – in all its glory. We want you to visit it once and then come again and again. We will fill you with feelings and emotions which will never leave you, this is our love to this small part of the world, which you will have in your heart too. Our team will do everything so that you will feel comfortable and safe 24 hours a day. We are open to any of your suggestions and will do our best to meet your need, whatever it will be. We are waiting for you 



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